Photo on Canvas – The Making of Modern Art

The spectacular results resulting from the process of photo on canvas is a first class example of innovative technology dovetailing with traditional materials. Digital photography has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade or so and is now so advanced that the photos produced really are of an exceptionally high calibre. The advancements in picture quality has really seen the process of creating canvas prints increase exponentially as both consumers and businesses come to see the tangible benefits that emerge from putting digital photo on canvas. The end results from this process really did give a polished final piece and so many high brow bars, offices and private homes can now be found with their own examples of canvas pictures hanging on the walls. The options are essentially limitless when it comes to canvas pictures and, providing the original image is of a sufficient size, you can place any digital photo on canvas and utilise it in all manner of scenarios.Canvas Pictures – A Durable Piece of ArtThere are some fears about the durability of canvas pictures but these are entirely unfounded and printing digital photo on canvas is a highly durable process and the end results speak for themselves. Those companies who carry out photo on canvas printing use technological advance printing equipment in conjunction with top quality canvasses and it is this attention to detail that makes sure that the end results last for many years after the initial printing. Obviously, photo on canvas printing doesn’t involve any sort of paint or oils, so, they are actually more resistant to touch than other forms of canvas artworks that are found around the home and in various institutions.Canvas Pictures – Taking CareProviding that you look after your photo printing on canvas pieces, there is no reason that can’t last for many, many years and this is crucial as most people make use of photo on canvas printing techniques because they are looking for a means by which to preserve their cherished memories and there really are few better or more striking ways than through the use of photo printing on canvas technology.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Restore Beautiful Smiles

When we smile, it is our set of pearly whites that people notice first. White and healthy set of teeth surely looks attractive and pleasing. However, as years pass, teeth can become discolored, weak, or damaged. One way to restore the beauty and health of one’s teeth is through cosmetic dentistry.Cosmetic dentistry is the aesthetic field of study and practice that involves the use of restoration techniques. This is quite different from ordinary dentistry that basically focuses on dental health.There are various methods of restoring that beautiful smile. Teeth discoloration is one of the most common issues of today, especially among adults. Teeth whitening is the recommended solution for discolored teeth. However, if you wish to have long-lasting effects, it is best to go to a cosmetic dental clinic and have your teeth treated. Over-the-counter teeth whitening gels are not as effective and they are not recommended especially for children.Another in-clinic treatment that you can go for is tooth reshaping or contouring. This procedure is used to correct chipped, crooked, cracked or overlapping teeth. The process is fairly quick and can be done in one session. Teeth reshaping is an ideal procedure for those who want to alter the shape, length, or position of their teeth.Bonding is a procedure that fixes gaps between teeth, alter the shape of teeth, and cover discoloration. The dentist uses resins in treating small chips and blemishes on the teeth’s surface. Teeth bonding is not a complex procedure; therefore, it is fast and safe. This treatment may cost around $150 to $300.Veneers are pieces of thin porcelain that dentists bond on the front surface of the teeth. They are typically used to improve teeth’s appearance by altering their shape and color; masking blemishes or stains; and replacing any fractured parts. Veneers are non-porous, very hard, resistant, and can outlast tooth-colored resins. The price per piece of veneer may vary from $300 to $1500.Two cosmetic dentistry procedures that require surgery are dental implants and gum surgery. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are embedded on the jawbone, replacing lost teeth. Titanium screws or biocompatible material is often used to hold the artificial teeth in place. The process requires a few visits to the dentist – consultation and assessment, implanting the screw, and the attachment of artificial tooth after the bone and gums have healed.Cosmetic gum surgery is a process of lengthening the teeth. People with ‘gummy’ smiles or those who appear to have tiny teeth are the usual candidates for this type of procedure.You may have heard many times that taking care of your teeth is the key to a beautiful and healthy smile. It holds true for everyone who wishes to keep their teeth forever, literally. But you don’t have to worry much these days, thanks to the availability of cosmetic dentistry.

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Parapsychology: Harnessing Your Etheric Energy

It is an unfortunate reality that society has inadvertently categorized the natural abilities associated with bio-etheric energy as a form of entertainment.Classifying skills such as precognitive event recognition alongside amusement attractions such as stage illusion have undermined the acknowledgement of etheric energy itself, impeding the acceptance of a wide spectrum of very natural, very real capabilities.Why, then, are etheric-related abilities seemingly so rare? The answer is multidimensional.Identifying Your Etheric EnergyAll human beings have the ability to recognize, embrace, and utilize their bio-etheric energy, or the energy produced and emitted by all living organisms. Once harnessed, bio-etheric energy can allow a being to:* Gain a broader, deeper perception of physical and/or emotional surroundings* Achieve greater use of the brain’s traditional and extra-sensory functions* Increase knowledge absorption by participating in conscious bio-etheric energy exchange* Attain a working knowledge of etheric-related capabilities such as precognitive event recognitionThe easiest analogy to recognizing etheric energy is that of electricity. Had mankind never harnessed the natural phenomena of electrical current, entire civilizations would have evolved in the absence of telephones, computers, televisions, and an array of other technologies that now seem second nature in our daily lives.Though a closely integrated element of both individual and collective existence, bio-etheric energy and its uses have only begun to be identified and embraced by society. As we seek to become fully acquainted with this energy type, a new, yet common understanding of etheric energy and its properties has presented itself: the energy exists, and the ultimate question is how to make complete use of it.Harnessing the IntangibleIn seeking to gain a working comprehension of bio-etheric energy, one must be willing to adapt a new dimension of faith, both in self and in the Universe. Faith is a plain transition between the physical, and the etheric; the tangible, and intangible. In bridging the gap between science and the unexplained, faith allows for confident progression into new endeavors to gain additional understanding of the mind and body.Because mastering the properties of bio-etheric energy includes the development of abilities or metaphysical advantages often regarded by society as paranormal, spontaneous occurrences of precognitive event recognition, remote viewing, telepathy, or other etheric-related abilities are commonly dismissed as subconscious “noise.” This misnomer can be attributed to the school of psychology, whereas the science of bio-etheric energy and its related properties are based in the field of physics.From a physics perspective, bio-etheric energy can participate in the transfer or exchange of particle energy with other bio-etheric bearing life forms through an exchange of nanophotons, or energy particles smaller than that of ordinary photons.In theory, nanophotons have the capacity to pass through solid matter and travel at speeds significantly greater than the speed of light, and are capable of transportation between predefined destinations through the fabric of space-time. The smallest building blocks of existence, nanophotons allow for the exchange of “information” between beings capable of utilizing the neural receptors responsible for decoding bio-etheric energy.Brain TrainingHarnessing bio-etheric energy and related abilities requires a focused effort to flex and exercise the frontal lobes, or the region of the brain associated with bio-etheric activity and interpretation. This “training” is similar to the efforts necessary to acquire control over equilibrium and motor functions when learning to walk. Later in life, frontal lobe development is analogous to learning to write with the opposite hand. Although a challenging task requiring determined effort, exercising the frontal lobes is necessary to stimulate the neural receptors responsible for interpreting bio-etheric energy.There are a number of exercises designed for frontal lobe development, both basic and advanced, many of which are available on the Internet or in related texts. While most of these activities can be performed anywhere with little preparation, a quiet, comfortable atmosphere will provide the maximum result from each training session.Frontal lobe exercises, such as meditation and memory retention activities, and even simplistic biochemical enhancements such as brainwave stimulators or incense will effectively stimulate the synaptic pathways and neural regions associated with etheric energy interpretation.What to ExpectIncreased stimulation of the frontal lobes will promote spontaneous etheric response. Contrary to preconceived opinion held by some individuals who have yet to achieve a strong working knowledge of the energy, increased etheric control will compliment, rather than complicate, traditional thought processes and mental activities, both voluntarily and involuntarily.A few results of increased etheric control include:* Knowledge is retrieved with greater accuracy and speed, with less effort* Increased empathic ability, allowing for more precise interpretation of others’ emotions, intentions and honesty* Advanced sense of self (right and wrong, patience, will power)* Expanded problem-solving abilities, creativity, and cognitive comprehension skillsRecognizing the emotional and physical responses associated with controlled etheric activity will allow for increased control of bio-etheric abilities, long-term. Interpretation of etheric information has a distinct, unique flavor as compared to internal dialogue or imagination. Differentiation between these independent streams of neurological feedback will improve as focus on etheric activity improves.It is important to note that abilities and skills associated of increased etheric control are not limited to more commonly discussed processes such as precognitive event recognition, remote viewing, or even telepathy. Just as advances in modern technology resulted from an increased understanding of the application of electricity, advanced etheric control will present new applications of the control to existing functions.As you begin a program for increasing bio-etheric control, write down your etheric-related experiences as they become evident to you. Your abilities and their accuracy will notably increase over time. Recording your progress will provide tangible benchmarks for charting progressive development.Advanced TechniquesThose with an existing or advanced comprehension of etheric energy will benefit most from direct employment of related abilities to maximize and increase identified potential. Recommended exercises for individuals with developed or expanded bio-etheric control include:* Target- or beacon-based Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) sessions* Precognitive forecasting activities, such as previewing playing card colors, suits, and numbers* Precognitive event recognition* Telepathy between parties with equal or greater skillBoth independently and as a collective, as we begin to explore and cultivate a complete understanding of bio-etheric energy, the potential for application of this energy to civilization is virtually limitless. Like any skill, development of etheric energy control requires a disciplined, focused effort to achieve notable results. Accomplishment of a thorough familiarity with bio-etheric energy and its purposes may enrich mankind in ways yet to be considered.

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