How to Drive Traffic To a Landing Page and Build Your Email List

At this point you have chosen to use a landing page to build your email list. You have probably already started to build your email list, but are looking for strategies to increase your list subscribers. If you have ever before questioned ways to do this utilizing free advertising techniques, than you should continue reading this article.

If you take a look at your email every day, you have noticed all the spam emails ranging from credit card offers to how to perform better in bed. It is easy to comprehend why most people are leery about handing a stranger their email address nowadays. Individuals will normally look at any marketing emails and delete them without ever opening them, however there are still plenty of different ways to drive traffic to your landing page and obtain their email address.

One of the ways to drive visitors to your landing page is through article marketing. Through Article Marketing, you help answer questions people have as well as offering them alternative methods that will produce the results they are looking for in the end. Once you have an article finished, you then want to submit it to as many article directories as you can. Article directories will allow you to include a “Resource Box” where you can add your website, or landing page address which all readers will see when they read your article.

Another benefit of Article Marketing is that big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing favor article directories, which will bring more traffic to your website or landing page in return as it will be showing on the search results faster and more times than if you just post your article on your blog. Also, some of your visitors will post your article on their blog so that their readers can benefit from the information as they did, which will have your resource box with your landing page address. It is not uncommon for a good article to be reposted on multiple sites for other viewers to take advantage of your solutions to their problems.

The one thing that you do not want to do, is to write articles that you do not believe in or have knowledge of the information you are writing about. Once you have written about 20 articles you want to submit them to article directories and test the quality and interest in the subject you are writing about. If you write 20 articles and every article brings you 5-10 visitors to your landing page daily then you are off to a good start as that would mean you are receiving around 200 daily targeted visitors to your landing page which if only 25% sign up to your email list you now have 50 more subscribers. The more articles you write the higher the visitor amount will be as your work is getting spread around the web and people are commenting, reposting, sharing all over the web.

Once you have your first 20 articles submitted through article directories, do not stop there, but instead start writing your next 20 articles and continue to do all the steps we mentioned in this post. In no time you will have a herd of visitors coming to your landing page. Once you have about 200 articles submitted you can take a break and the traffic will continue to rise due to social media and your article submissions.

Now you know how easy it can be to start building a massive email list by writing articles in your niche.

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